About Us



The inspiration for Odalys Marino comes from the heart of Cuba, where my mother used to sew everything and anything she could due to the times and the economy. I learned to have a very special appreciation for classic beauty, fashion and art.

I’ve owned several businesses and have been involved in the entertainment industry for years, but nothing brings me more joy and honor than Odalys Marino Boutique. It is my way of honoring my mother who gave up so much for me when I was growing up. In the same way I love to bring the beauty, love and understanding that she showed me to each woman who walks in to my boutique.

Our styles are classic, timeless pieces that showcase the beauty of what it is to be a woman. Our Mommy and Me collection is dedicated to all those women who like my mother are a great example to their daughters. It is my pleasure to bring you Odalys Marino Boutique Please come visit us and experience the love, beauty, and culture full of life and color!